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I’m 50% human being

and 50% Remains Unknown

Hi There !!!
My name is SAM
and I’m a Hospitality Enthusiast

After 14 years working full time, now I work freelance as a medium level (***) hospitality business industry consultant

This is my dynamic personal website where you will find “Who am I” and “What am I”

Hospitality Business Consultancy

Are you planning to establish a new Hospitality Business? Or you already have one, and want to optimize it?
I have worked for 14 years on hospitality industries, with 7 years on Executives Level
My advice will always based on a hands-on experiences

Build & Develop Websites

Do you need website that actually support your business? Or you already have one but want to do some updates?
I am using WordPress to build websites, focusing but not limited on hospitality industries and personal brands
I will guide what you will need or not, to make sure that you spend your budget wisely for your website

Products, Property, & Events Photography

If you need images to support your business, such as product’s photos,  photos of your properties, or if you are running an events and want to have it documented. These images can be used for your website, social media, or for your printing promotion materials.
Reach me and we will work it out

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