Hello !

Simply call me SAM, I moved to Bali on 2012 and now calling my self as an "Hospitality Enthusiast"

My principal area expertise is


But I also love to do my other "hobbies"such as working on a Visual design & Imaging

As a dog person, some of my social projects related with the Bali Dogs Welfare as one of issues in Bali

I love coffee, so having (at least) a cup of coffee on the first meet up will always be amazing

I am not just trying to get clients/partners, I am more into spreading my wings of "Friendship" and even "Family"


Hospitality Business Consultancy for Setup & Development

Set-up a New Business, or re-setup and developing your existing business. Both are challenging. Because knowing the risks of business is more important than to know the advantages.

Construction Management

Our team specializing on a hospitality properties such as Hotel, Apartment and Condominium-hotel. We stands on the owner side to ensure that the construction projects will be guided properly from the beginning, until it’s being handed over to the owner.

Public Relation || Visual Design || Images || Branding

Having your business and your brand known by others is one of the achievement on running a business. I will assist you on the Public Relations, and on graphic-visual design; logo; websites; also photography.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an effective ways on doing the marketing actions of your business. It means: websites; social media; a mobile app. To make sure that your messages delivered to the target market, a proper setup or technique need to be applied.


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